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The Cross and the Torch

Updated: Nov 10, 2023


Those who carry the cross of being pre-judged are bought, sold, and beaten, while being told they are less than human by those who carry the torch of privilege and more power than they know.

The dominate culture drinks from the wealth of human potential deep and long while those who carry the cross of racism have a life truncated by law, minimized by tradition, and bifurcated by centuries of exclusion, marginalization, and disenfranchisement.

Those who carry the torch of privilege reach for the skies of opportunities thrust in their eyes to be all that they can be. By way of their progenitor’s ill-gotten gain, they struggle to distance themselves from their past and present darkness caused by the emotional pain of ill-gotten gain.

Those who carry the cross of racism walk on broken glass from day-to-day, waiting for their master's pay that is at the bottom of the scale, tilted against their upward mobility with only pennies on the dollar compared to their torch-bearing counterparts. If walking on broken glass wasn't enough, they also walk on eggshells to do the right thing, all the time, to be perfect and make no mistakes to avoid severe punishment, and/or to be better than their privileged counterparts just to break even.

Those who carry the torch seek pleasures to numb the generational pain of the ill-gotten gain all around them and the omnipresent oppression of guilt of their ill-gotten gain.

Those who carry the cross have walked with blood, sweat and tears for many generations with backs broken, hung, dragged, beaten bloody, torched, and ground down to dust while they carry the cross thrust upon them daily to try to achieve the elusive American dream.

Those who carry the torch of privilege have the power to fight for justice with little cost if not today, every other day, or even once a week. They have the privilege of choice to fight or not to fight. The choice to fight for the human rights of those who have a foot on their backs and knees on their necks.

When those who carry the torch choose change over the status quo, choose justice over oppression, choose love over hate, choose righteousness over politics, then those who carry the cross can have the cross of white supremacy lifted off their heads for the first time!

© Derek Marlow Ewell

Speaker, Facilitator, Mentor, Life Coach

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