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About Us

Our name is ProPOC, which is short for Pro People of Color, which rhymes with "TUPAC". That's easy to remember right?  We teach and coach diversity literacy to BIPOC Allies through story telling, poems, music, and humor.  We have other acronyms for ProPOC:

Pro People of Change

Pro Poetry of Change

Pro Power of Change

We believe we can make almost any business, committed to Social Justice and equity better, this can be applied to institutions, churches, schools, and corporations, ect.

We enjoy working with all people who have made a commitment to being apart of authentic change, we feel a special affinity to work with woman, millennials, and Gen Z who have demonstrated focused energy as Diversity agents of change!

We believe that a mind truly expanded to a new idea will never shrink back!

"never under estimate the power of one"

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