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Our Declaration

Why ProPOC Consulting?

ProPOC Consulting is committed to building a healthy, vibrant, and inclusive Multi-Racial Society, with sustainable change. We believe it is necessary to reveal and reconcile the past, leading to the creation of a world that safe for everyone to thrive. 

ProPOC believes that shedding light on the truth of this country's history as well as illuminating how the BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) community has greatly contributed to the creation of this nation with resilience, tenacity, and hope derived from the indomitable human spirit, is central to achieving this reconciliation.

Learning these truths will provide a foundation for a new level of consciousness that recognizes humanity's 'oneness' and will cultivate actions that will result in affording dignity and respect to us all.

While the BIPOC community has been experiencing and addressing inequality since 1619, it is now the responsibility of the white culture, through Diversity Agent of Change training in partnership with the BIPOC community, to create a positive sustainable change where all can thrive.


ProPOC Consulting makes this declaration because we know that:

  • Racism, spawned by white supremacist is an ongoing crime against humanity, is omnipresent, and has been institutionalized.

  • The evidence of its effects are overwhelming and verifiable.

  • Not all white people are active racists or white supremacists, but all white people benefit from the systems white supremacy has produced.

  • We humans can change if given the proper information and support.

As a member of the dominant white culture, are you ready to move from being bystander, to being an up stander? Remaining silent leads to complicity in supporting the white supremacist power structure that was created to subjugate the BIPOC community.

We the people who are Diversity Agents of Change will act with compassion, conviction, resilience and courage to work towards Anti-Oppression. We will learn the painful truths of this nation's history that will lead us to action. We will 'out' racism, and work to minimize it in all its forms. Our goal is to restore the dignity and respect to people of the BIPOC community that have been denied these human rights since 1444.

© Derek Marlow Ewell

Speaker, Facilitator, Mentor, Coach

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