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Ode to unresolved Guilt

Updated: 2 days ago

Guilt and grief are connected.

Unresolved guilt leads to the slow death of the soul.

People are dying left and right because they do not see the light,

Griefs grips them and holds them tight, so everyday is like the dark night of the soul.

Guilt torments and tortures souls who would rather die, then continue the pain of grieving.

Unresolved guilt leads to the slow death of the soul.

People ask why are so many white men are contemplating suicide? The answer might be that their complicity, with torture, terrorism and oppression of others has made big withdrawals from the proverbial emotional bank account.

Unresolved guilt can accelerate the slow death of the soul, if your soul is already dead, it’s easy for the body to follow.

Every human being has an internal sense of what is right, and wrong and what is justice, and unjust, when this universal awareness is ignored the soul pays the price through cognitive dissonance.

Unresolved guilt leads to the slow death of the soul.

That song that says suicide is painless, I believe is trying to talk about the pain of the body versus the pain of the soul burdened with unresolved guilt, which is relentless and endless, so to relieve the suffering of the soul, the body must die, It seems like the only real path to relief and the right price to pay for harming others.

Many white males feel worth less, helpless and like failures, because they are grieving their missed potential, to do good in the world, yet they do not know their missed potential is connected with their complicity and falling to pursuing truth and justice.

Many white males feel powerless and hopeless, and they are grieving the loss of a life not well lived mired in mediocrity, complicity and privilege.

Unresolved guilt leads to the slow death of the soul.

They grieve because they went along with the status quo. They grieve because the status quo tortured, killed, maimed, and mass incarcerated people they thought were completely different from them, yet they are people who truly share their DNA and their humanity. We now know the body keeps the score.

Anyone and everyone who denies their true humanity and dose not engage their god given empathy is in the process of a slow death, the slow death of the soul where the body keeps the score.

Unresolved guilt leads to the slow death of the soul.

They’re omnipresent, ever watching soul knows that they have benefited from and participated in toxic capitalism. At the expense of their daughters, sisters and mothers, also at the expense of the oppressed minorities even, the expense of even their sons souls.

Slow death of the soul leads to unmitigated despair, humans can survive broken bones, but who can truly survive a broken spirit.

The irreparable harm caused by complicity to a system designed to oppress people that don't look like them is an ever present weight on their souls like cement shoes sinking them to the bottom of the emotional sea.

Unresolved guilt leads to the slow death of the soul.

Isolated with the weight of the world, the grief of the soul takes hold, and the easiest way out is death by one's own hand. Instead of choosing the rest of their life, to live a life worth living.

Having been a witness and a bystander to countless atrocities both near and far, they now know that there’s much blood on their hands and their youth is gone.

Feelings of hopelessness, helpless and powerless, are so overwhelming when you come to the twilight of your life and you realize you did almost nothing for your fellow human beings.

Your self-centered, unrighteous dreams are weighed in the balance, and are found wanting, your soul now knows the toll you have put on society.

Do you know you must live with your irrevocable, irreconcilable losses of what you could’ve done for your fellow man, but you stood by the status quo and now you know you have lived as a coward.

Do you know a man who stands for nothing can fall for anything? Standing for the status quo is equivalent to standing for nothing!

Unresolved guilt leads to the slow death of the soul.

Instead of being a dream builder, dream validator, you were part of the dream crushers and you have no idea how many dreams you have crushed by your complicity.

(C) Derek Marlow Ewell 2023

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