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Creating a Positive Future

Updated: Feb 14

In my previous post, I described the role resistance plays in implementing any kind of change. Over time, I have observed leaders frequently focus on the resistance they might encounter when planning for and leading change. It has been my experience that focusing on resistance results in the creation of the resistance they are trying to avoid.

The history of the BIPOC community and its desire for equity follows this pattern of focusing on overcoming resistance. The language used to address this resistance: ‘struggle’, ‘fight’, ‘battle’, ‘aggressive’, and ‘militant’ are common words associated with the civil rights movement. I believe that using these words captures the anger and frustration evolving from not yet achieving the goal of equity for all. For me, this situation raises a question: “What if the focus shifted from ‘resistance’ to the desired positive future?”

Futurist Brian David Johnson writes that answering the simple question of “What is the future I want?” is complex for us because we are conditioned to focus on all the reasons that our desired future cannot be created. We also have the belief that we have no control over the future, that it is fixed. These conditions lead to our inability to imagine and create a desired future.

It is for this reason that ProPOC Consulting identifies the desired future in the first sentence of our Declaration:

Committed to building a healthy, vibrant, and inclusive Multi-Racial Democracy, ProPOC Consulting believes it is necessary to reconcile the past leading to the creation of a world that works for everyone.”

In this statement, we are clear about the future we wish to create and we identify an important first step in its creation. Anchored and inspired by this Declaration, ProPOC Consulting is ready to enlist those who are equally inspired and ready to join us!

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