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The Truth In One Sentence Or Less

What is truth?


The truth is what is actually factually verifiable through testing, measurement, hard evidence and or the preponderance of evidence and is objectively provable.


Human beings do not possess the truth; our relationship to the truth is an abstract relationship we can align ourselves with it or not align ourselves with the truth -- these are our choices.


What we believe is by definition not the truth. Our beliefs are what we want to be true, what we believe is true, or what we have been told is true.


Even Aristotle determined that the truth exists outside of human experience. Why does the truth matter? Opinions and beliefs again are not facts. They are not truths; even though they may align with the truth, and they may point to the truth, but they are not the truth and do not stand alone. The difference between beliefs, opinions, and the truth, is something we should always be aware of. Opinions by experts are to be questioned and verified, the true expert's opinions do point to the truth. An expert’s opinion does not stand on its own and must be scrutinized. The truth is objective versus being subjective like opinions.

Historical "truths" have been propagandized. One of the most mythologized “truths” are historical “truths”. This happens because the winners of wars often write history and always want to project themselves as the heroes. To present themselves as the heroes, they typically remove flaws, remove failures, and gloss over misdeeds, of the glorified actors of war, heroes are expected to fight for good, and vanquish evil. To be a hero you must be just, honest, have good intentions and fight the good fight. So, any failure to do these things disqualifies you as a hero. The moment the hero becomes evil themselves they are no longer true heroes. Because the winners of the war have the biggest voice and desire to look good and heroic, they tell stories that result in them looking like heroes such as Columbus who we, should now know, was no hero!

So, with this in mind, history is often a lie, and we should question what we were taught by the powers that be.

History that is agreed upon represents a consensus and when we investigate consensus we often discover that consensus is not the truth, and often does not align with the truth. For example most people, in the middle ages believed that the earth was the center of the universe and a true scientist named Copernicus discovered and proved that the earth was not the center of the universe. The consensus of the day was that the sun, moon, and stars revolved around the earth and the earth was at the center of the universe. Also people believed the earth was flat. Even today there are people who believe the earth is flat. What I have found is in almost every pursuit of the truth there is someone who has aligned themselves with it.

So we should make it our business to align ourselves with the truth. 

The powers that be want to keep us divided.

The United states has never been great for all its citizens.

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