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Derek's Story

Where do we begin? My journey begins when I was four, which is the first time I was threatened by the police. But of course, this wouldn't be the last time. I just thought I was dealing with bullies, not White Supremacy, not racism. I continued this journey for another 55 years, yet I was not involved in anti-racism or social justice directly.

Along the way, I earned a degree in Social Work, worked as a Chaplin, a case manager at a family homeless shelter, volunteered as a Ombudsman, Co-produced an event called "Pledge Against Prejudice" sponsored by the YMCA, sold T-shirts that said "Racism Hurts All of Us", participated in African American Jewish racism dialogs and other actions towards equity and Social Justice, then finally was invited to anti-racism forums facilitated by my mentor Barbra O'Hare and Kathleen Perkins; and somewhere in there, George Floyd was murdered.

Then I felt compelled to write an open letter about my experience. also I designed the Statue of Liberty BLM T-shirt and sold them to anyone who was paying attention in 2020

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