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Agents of Change are Rare!

Wow! You found our Site! You are at the right place to start your authentic intentional  "Diversity Agent of Change" journey! You know change is unavoidable so why not commit to it!

 ProPOC, is short for Pro People of Color, which rhymes with "TUPAC". We teach and coach diversity literacy to Agents of Change,

who are committed to changing the world while thriving.

ProPOC Consulting

Pro People of Color

Your Diversity Agent of Change Resource



"We believe a story is the shortest distance between two hearts"™

"We teach by engaging the heart and mind"


Social Justice Training begins with being centered in humanity and empathy.


Mission Statement

​​ProPOC is an acronym for pro people of color. ProPOC's purpose is to find and mentor BIPOC allies/ Diversity Agents of Change, to become BIPOC Collaborators. To foster and create sustainable CHANGE!


What is a BIPOC ally?

A BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) ally is a person in the dominant culture who has made it their mission to become part of the solution, to stand with those who are oppressed and marginalized. To no longer being bystanders instead becoming Diversity Agents of Change up standers.

Founded by Diversity Literacy facilitator/mentor/diversity coach Derek Marlow Ewell, ProPOC Consulting aims to make positive change in the dominant culture by educating and training Diversity Agents of Change in Diversity Literacy, through music, seminars, poems, humor, stories, crowd sourcing, one-on-one coaching, and speaking engagements.

We teach by engaging the heart and mind.

We are committed making ambiguous concepts more tangible.

We believe:

"A story is the shortest

distance between two hearts." - TM

"Social Justice starts by being centered in

Humanity and Empathy" -TM


Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay


Sign up as a group, or as an individual to participate in a Diversity Literacy seminar. Sessions are facilitated by Derek Ewell. Offered in person and remotely, these seminars cultivate authentic heart centered dialogue aided by poems, music, humor, history, and more. We are committed to sustainable CHANGE, where all humans can THRIVE!

Speaking Engagements

Hire ProPOC for public speaking engagements. Focused on Diversity Literacy, our presentations are interactive and supplemented with poems, music, stories, and more. We present to any sized organization or group expressing interest in and curiosity about Diversity Literacy. We are committed to sustainable CHANGE, where all humans can THRIVE!


Image by teetasse from Pixabay

One-On-One Diversity Coaching

Are you a leader in your community, church, association or a business owner? Or just someone looking to  make the world a better place? Get one-on-one Diversity Literacy coaching to make an impact as an positive Diversity Agent of Change, empowered for sustainable change.We are committed to sustainable CHANGE, where all humans can THRIVE!


We offer consulting for businesses, associations, churches, schools. To create positive Diversity Literacy Agents of Change with a sustainable model.

Specializing group therapy practices.We are committed to sustainable CHANGE, where all humans can THRIVE! 


Photo by gustavo-fring on Pexels


Letter of Recommendation

"I would like to recommend Derek Ewell’s qualifications for doing diversity literacy work. I am an anti-racist trainer and a facilitator and I had Derek in one of our trainings. 


I understand he is now stepping out to be an diversity literacy educator. From spending several weeks with him in the training, I can easily say that he is more than qualified. He is open and full of passion as well as being compassionate. He is a consummate people person, he’s open, easy to interact with, and self revealing.  This is the perfect next step for him to be doing this work himself in helping to educate others about diversity literacy and anti racism. More to the point, he is a natural.


Please feel free to contact me if you would care to talk more about Derek.

Dr. Kathleen Perkins
Trainer and facilitator for DEI,
Diversity, equity, and inclusion
Award-winning Author"


Let's Work Together.

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